To Everyone in BROWN Community!

On behalf of our team at BROWN Coffee, we would like to express our sincere care and wish for both customers and staff, to be healthy and safe from the new respiratory virus, COVID-19.

As you may know, the infection of COVID-19 has hit many parts of the world; hence, we hope everyone of you will take precautionary actions to protect yourself and those around you despites the spread of this virus in Cambodia is still very low and not yet at an alarming rate. We suggest all of you to stay closely informed and follow the prevention guideline from reliable sources such as those created by Ministry of Health of Cambodia or World Health Organization (WHO).

At this very moment, we would like to also inform that BROWN has been taking further action to ensure that all of our BROWN stores and workplaces are safe from this virus. A few immediate actions we have implemented includes:

  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection at our places with stronger attention to details
  • We temporarily remove the newspaper from our stores
  • We have placed alcohol-based hand sanitizer and guideline on how to protect yourself and your love ones from this virus at all BROWN stores. We encourage you to use them when needed.

Once again, safety and well-being of all of you is our priority and we will take all the needed actions to ensure that BROWN is a safe and welcoming place for every single one of you. We will closely monitor the situation and do what it takes to protect everyone in our BROWN Community​ and keep you update on our next move.

We wish you best of luck and hope all of you will be safe!